Bell Ringing at St John's

The imposing mediaeval tower of St John's contains a fine peal of ten bells with the tenor being 25cwt. The tower is home to the Cardiff Students Bellringing Society (CCMC) as well as the local band.

Both the local band and the students have earned and enjoyed a reputation for the warmth of welcome given to visiting ringers and are keen to stress that ringers of all abilities and experience enjoy themselves here and after the usual Thursday practice, they also enjoy themselves in a local hostelry!

There is more to bellringing than most people suppose. It is quite challenging to learn, but gives a great sense of achievement when you have mastered control of a bell much larger than you, and learnt the complex patterns of 'changes' which produce that glorious and characteristic sound.

If you live in Cardiff and would like to learn to ring, please go to the Contacts page for details. Please see the Ringing Times page for details of how and when to join us.

For up to date information about ringing times, changes to usual arrangements please see  XXXXX

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