Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals at St John's

We believe that God is present throughout everyone's life. God is present at our moments of joy and in our moments of pain and grief. It is natural for humans to want to mark some of life's crucial moments publicly. St John's welcomes enquiries from people who wish to have a baptism (also called Christening), a marriage service or a funeral service in St John's. There are some legal requirements for these services and we'll be happy to explain them to you and to discuss your hopes and thoughts.

St John's is in the centre of Cardiff and situated in a pedestrianised area. We have limited vehicular access, although some access is possible if arranged in advance. If you would like a baptism, marriage, blessing or funeral service please do get in touch and we can discuss possibilities with you.

If you live in our parish and you are being married elsewhere we may need to call your banns so do let us know.


At a Baptism or Christening as it can also be called, parents and Godparents give thanks for the birth of a child and dedicate the child to God. Adults can also be baptised in which case they are supported by sponsors from their family or the church community and the person being baptised is able to make the promises and declarations themselves.

Baptisms usually take place within our main Sunday service at 10am.

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Marriage services can be conducted in St John's. There are some legal requirements and church requirements and we are happy to explain these. If you are being married in a Civil Ceremony it is often possible to have a service of Prayer and Dedication after your marriage has taken place. Sadly it is not possible marry same sex couples (although we would very much like to) but we can conduct a Service of Blessing following a Civil Marriage. Do contact us if you would like to explore your options in the context of your specific circumstances.

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Funeral services can be conducted in St John's. You do not have to attend any church regularly for a funeral to take place here. Our ministers can also officiate at a funeral service at a Crematorium. It is also possible to hold a Memorial Service in St John's some time after the funeral has taken place. Do contact us if you would like to discuss a funeral or memorial service.

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